hand pianted mailbox with bluebird
Painting Mailboxes Brings Me Joy; What About You?
June 2, 2017 Uncategorized

Welcome to Cottage and Cabana’s new weekly blog!  While in the past we have written FYI and DIY articles about hand painted items, mainly hand painted mailboxes, we’ve found that blogging is not only enjoyable, but can be helpful and enlightening to you, as well as us.   With my background in Nursing, Small Business, Teaching, and Arts, there’s a great variety of fun and interesting topics here.  I would like to focus our blogs on the helpful and fun aspects of art and hand painting, home decor, health and well being, and small business ownership.  Why?  Because joy can be found here.   Yes, joy, even in small business ownership.   Read our blogs and along the way, you will see it all unfold before you.  And, I hope you will join us by leaving comments, and as well, please  follow us!

What is joy?

Joy (joi)  a state of happiness or felicity.  This is the definition according to Merriam-Webster.  I see joy as small bites of happiness.  Little building blocks of happy that connect to make a big, more permanent feeling, joy.  This is a life style and a choice.  Happiness ebbs and flows, but joy, once discovered, becomes a part of you.    I want to find these little happiness pieces and make them a part of my everyday.  Wouldn’t you like to do the same?   My aim is to find what gives me joy and learn to focus on that, and not the parts of my life and the world around me that try to destroy joy.  We want to invite you, the reader, on this journey and hopefully find your own joy.

Joy can be found in the little things; some examples are; colors, trinkets, pillows, comfy furniture, flowers, foods, health and maybe even the sounds of typing on an old typewriter.   The secret of joy is less is more.  The best selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, tells us joy can be found by getting rid of things. She teaches that we should look at the things around us and say goodbye to all the things that do not bring joy.  Some of the things we keep around can make us feel guilty or sad.  We keep them because we feel we have to.   We don’t!  Be selective, clutter is the killer of joy.  Invest in yourself, give yourself the best you can of what you discover brings you joy.

Most people think they know what makes them happy and most find themselves dissatisfied when they have it.  Knowing what brings you joy is something people do not spend a lot of time on, but I have said before, I believe this is how you build happiness.  This blog is going to explore the simple and small joys in life and how to identify them.  I am very excited to  begin the search for joy, and I am so excited to share it with you!

hand pianted mailbox with bluebird

Hand Painted Mailbox – Happy Bluebird

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