Can Joy Be Found In Nautical Throw Pillows Or Jellybean Rugs? YES!

Jellybean Sea Turtles Rug

Money might not buy me happiness, but it can buy the perfect pillow to accent my favorite chair in the room that brings me joy.

Joy (joi) noun. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I certainly want more joy in my life, and I invite you to come with me to find the simple ways to have more of it.

First stop; COLOR, it can make you joyful, it can also make you happy, sad, relaxed, stressed, energized or lazy. Color can even make you skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well not exactly, but it can help suppress our appetite.

Any weekend decorating warrior knows picking a color for your room can be anything but joyful. There are just too many choices. Most people start with colors they like or colors that are supposed to bring better resale value like the neutrals. Each choice is fine but usually leads to a labyrinth of paint samples and fabric swatches, tears and wall shaking screams. I would like to take a moment and say I am sorry to my neighbors.
How can this be easier? By deciding what you want to feel in each room, warm? Relaxed? Hopeful? Or maybe passionate?

nautical pillow

Calm down, we are on the same page…. we begin with passion. Save money on candles invest in the light purples and pinks. Each of these evoke feelings of nostalgia and passion. They make women feel more feminine and beautiful. Men feel calmer and more hopeful about romance. Some athletic teams paint the opposing team locker room pink to make them more lethargic and get their minds off work.
The color purple is not just a movie starring Oprah, its the color of power and royalty. How is that for an aphrodisiac!!

How can we talk about romance without red the color of hearts and love. The color most people think of as passionate, red makes us feel loved and more sexy. It is also the the color that makes men think about romance the most. I must warn you, red can also overwhelm and over stimulate so it is better as an accent, maybe some pillows or small touches.

When you are finally ready to leave the bedroom you will probably want to relax. What color or colors will help you achieve this? It is smooth sailing ahead.

hand painted mailbox with beach palms

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